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ABL Due Diligence

Preloan Examinations

BY&S calculates availability and provides a comprehensive analysis of your client’s collateral. Using a critical eye, our team of experienced field examiners gathers data, assesses risk, identifies collateral impairments, analyzes trends, and investigates anomalies. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, analysis, and recommendations to make the best-informed credit decisions.

Recurring Examinations

BY&S performs regular recurring field examinations conforming to the needs of our clients. We assess the collateral and timely communicate concerns and recommendations. Our communication before, during, and after fieldwork is paramount so you can be informed of credit concerns as they arise. By communicating findings during fieldwork, we can often act as a liaison between the lender and borrower to facilitate communications or address concerns. Our end-product is often more than a collateral examination report, but an extension of your team.

A step above:

Industry Knowledge – Our focus and background within the healthcare industry provides a unique insight into the complexities of the healthcare system and a thorough understanding of industry-specific impairments. Leverage our healthcare background to inform you of industry-specific collateral impairments including provider/bed tax liabilities, cost report liabilities, survey compliance, etc.

Ability to Analyze Big Data – BY&S stands out with the ability to efficiently analyze large amounts of data sets often found within large healthcare organizations. Our ability to extract, compile and analyze large data allows for accurate insight into the performance of your clients’ collateral beyond analyzing readily-available global trends.

Flex to YOUR needs – BY&S offers a tailored approach to meet your needs. Our team of 20-25 examiners provides a nation-wide presence with the capacity to undertake assignments both small and large. Our diverse examiner experience comes from public accounting, lending and health care providers.