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About Us

Breslin, Young and Slaughter, LLC was started as Breslin & Young Financial Consultants, LLC (“B&Y”) by Amy Breslin and Brian Young in 2001 to provide financial consulting services to businesses in a variety of industries. Services to businesses included part time and interim financial management, strategic planning, due diligence services, acquisition support and analysis of operational functions. Amy & Brian’s extensive background in the commercial finance industry also allowed B&Y to provide services to commercial lenders including analysis and review of lending functions, field examinations, underwriting, portfolio management, and assistance with managing and collecting “special” assets.

With considerable healthcare lending experience, B&Y was uniquely positioned to assist the growing healthcare industry. The firm continued to see substantial work and growth in the healthcare sector and committed itself to further grow within this market. B&Y added significant depth and knowledge to its healthcare team with the addition of Duke Slaughter in 2009, forming Breslin Young & Slaughter, LLC (“BY&S”) to focus solely on healthcare financial consulting projects.

In 2017, Clayton Kloehr, a seasoned financial healthcare consultant with over 30 years of experience in cash flow and real estate due diligence joined the BY&S team to head our growing healthcare real estate and cash flow division.

Since formation, BY&S’ staff has continually expanded (currently over 30) to represent a seasoned team ready to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise in lender and equity services includes field examinations, quality of earnings reviews, portfolio monitoring, revenue cycle management and turnaround/work out services. We have built a strong, dedicated, industry-leading team of healthcare consultants ready to tackle the challenges in the dynamic healthcare industry.