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Our Services

With 40 team members across 11 states, BY&S provides innovative solutions for your portfolio through our collective industry knowledge, ability to efficiently analyze complex data, and flexibility to work with and meet our client’s needs.  We complete an average of 400+ healthcare projects for our clients each year including ABL due diligence field exam projects, quality of earnings reports, loan monitoring and servicing, workout services, and various special projects.  Our products provide you with the tools, analysis, and recommendations, through custom-tailored report, to help you make the best-informed credit decisions.  We have built a strong, dedicated, industry-leading team of healthcare professionals ready to tackle any challenge in the ever-changing healthcare industry. 

ABL Due Diligence

BY&S performs due diligence examinations tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team of experienced examiners gathers data, assesses risk, identifies collateral impairments, analyzes trends, and investigates anomalies. We assess the collateral, provide recommendations, and communicate concerns in real-time. Our communication before, during, and after fieldwork is paramount so you can be informed of credit concerns as they arise. Our team members can often act as a liaison between the lender and the borrower to facilitate communications and address concerns. Our goal is that you will see the result of our work as more than a collateral examination report, but an extension of your team.

Monitoring Services

BY&S’ monitoring services can range from monitoring a single data point or risk area to fully servicing a loan for a client. BY&S can monitor specific risk areas such as payroll and provider taxes, CMS surveys, lockbox and banking activity, and more. We also prepare borrowing base calculations and review borrower submissions. For borrowers with numerous entities, BY&S’ monitoring services adds value through our ability to efficiently process data and provide monthly reporting on the risks our lenders are concerned with through custom-tailored reports, dashboards, and charts. Ongoing monitoring provides lenders with peace of mind, knowing that critical items are being tracked and concerns are being communicated in a timely manner.

Quality of Earnings

These exams provide healthcare lenders, and investors the confidence that Net Operating Income materially reconciles to the bank statement receipts and bank statement disbursements. This validation helps inform Healthcare buyers, real estate lenders, and investors whether the as-stated earnings are an adequate representation or foundation from which to underwrite. We then present a proforma EBITDA or EBITDAR, which highlights our assessment of the economic earnings power of the potential target or borrower. We work with each client to tailor our exams to meet their specific requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help meet your needs.

Workout and Other Services

With continued uncertainty and change in the healthcare industry, there are always operators that fail to adjust and overcome the challenges they face. This results in lenders having to rework or exit certain transactions. BY&S’ depth of senior management experience and resources allows us to help our clients in these high risk and workout situations. Whether it is obtaining information and answers, managing a crisis, assisting with interim management, overseeing the orderly liquidation of collateral, or providing ongoing reporting and monitoring, BY&S can help you manage and mitigate risk with these difficult transactions. We can also represent you in a bankruptcy situation and have acted as an expert witness in numerous bankruptcy hearings.