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Employee Spotlight

Derek Watts


“We are a tight-knit group…with a great working environment!

Derek grew up in Winston-Salem, NC, approximately 90 minutes from his current home in Charlotte. He married the love of his life Melanie, who is also an Accountant, in September 2019. He graduated from Wingate University, about 40 minutes east of Charlotte, with his Bachelors Degree in Accounting in May 2013. Derek enjoys camping, golf, and playing lacrosse. He also officiates lacrosse at both high school and collegiate levels as a way to give back to the sport that game him so much. Derek is passionate about being a father to his daughter.

After college, Derek worked for a CPA firm based in Winston-Salem before relocating to Charlotte where he joined a mid-sized mortgage company as a Senior Accountant. Derek joined BY&S in June 2018 and was recently promoted to Director. Derek brings tremendous work-ethic, energy, and compassion to his many roles at BY&S. Not only is Derek one of our most dependable Examiners, but he is also extremely patient and helpful while guiding the five recent hires that report to him. We appreciate all of Derek’s contributions, whether it be his laughter, insight, or expertise!

“I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the BY&S team. We are a tight-knit group. The flexibility and support we receive from our management team creates a great working environment. I also love that each week brings new challenges and problems to solve when dealing with new clients or projects. I am excited to see where our group ends up in the future!”

Fun fact: Derek has a dog named “Duck”!