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Employee Spotlight

Luke Dempsey

BY&S invests in its people.

Sam Dove

BY&S is great in terms of how they treat their employees.

Mike Connor

It's (BY&S) a family.

Evan Watts

BY&S is the perfect mix of challenging work, fun co-workers, and a family-feel environment.

Julia Staples

To me, BY&S is a 'family' type environment - very supportive and motivating.

Milt Fernandes

More than anything else, I'm passionate about family. Anything that involves family, I make it a priority to be there, and to do everything possible to see they are happy and healthy.

Brian Zimmermann

I am most passionate about traveling. It provides me with an opportunity to meet new people, learn about different cultures, and recharge both mentally and physically.

Creighton Howard

I am most passionate about helping people develop into the best person they can be. I strive to make myself available to help people grow.